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living out loud living out loud

I’M Living Out Loud! – Challenge

This is more than a weight loss challenge this is about living life in the overflow. The goal is to make progress physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. To go from Good to Better and Better to Great! We will climax L.O.L.Challenge at the 2021 “I AM” Conference where we will celebrate our progress with Reconditions and Prizes.

As the L.O.L Challenge organizer my job is to provide support as we hold each other accountable and keep each other motivated until we meet up at the “I AM” Conference 2021 (probably virtually).


  1. Track your progress: Set GOALS and list the areas you want to change and/or improve in. Use a journal to track your changes either in a book or online or right here within your Club Coco account.
  2. Choose your method for weight loss, spiritual growth, mental health & emotional balance.

For example:

Weight Loss: Say you want to lose 10 pounds you can do any exercise program and or diet you believe you will stay with and maintain.

Spiritual Growth: So you want to learn all 66 books of the bible in order from Genesis to Revelations – at www.mentoringintheword.com you can take online courses to increase your spiritual knowledge and track your progress.

Mental Health: To keep those electrons firing take up a hobby, learn how to play an instrument, take up sculpting, memorize scripture, write a song, etc.

Emotional Balance: Meditating especially on the Word of God is great; read a book on how to improve your emotional health, etc.

  1. Participate in the weekly online group chats
  2. Attend the L.O.L Camps (3 camps leading up to I AM 2021)
  3. Invite family & friends to join the challenge too! The more the merrier.

Stay connected via myclubcoco.com and clorettachandler.com for more details about the L.O.L Challenge, Camps, and the upcoming 2120 I AM Conference. 



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